Internet Advertising LLC provides:

• Online advertisers with precisely targeted, high performance online advertising on high traffic direct navigation type-in domains with ultra creative ad designs.

• For premium domain owners, we also specialize in website design and development services, domain revenue optimization, corporate ad sales services, and domain management services.

• Internet Advertising's premium domain site network features highly targeted advertising opportunities with a global traffic volume of over 100 Million visitors per month.

• Our domain brokerage company,, provides complete domain services including domain brokerage, domain and website management, corporate acquisitions, domain development, domain investments, venture capital funding for startups and joint ventures.

• Our computer and Internet services division provides expert corporate computer system installations, system security, data backup and recovery, SEO, corporate enterprise and ecommerce websites, online marketing, PR, creative designs, logos, computer and website programming, software, hardware, servers, and professional technology consulting.

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